Jane S. Chauncey

b. 1 Oct 1836   d. 11 Dec 1889

Name & Sex 
Given Name Jane S.
Surname Chauncey
Sex Female
Additional Names0
0yBirth1 Oct 1836East Maine,Broome,New York,United States 
~ 18y 3mResidence1855E.D. 1-2,Maine,Broome, New York,United States 
~ 28y 3mResidence1865District 02,Maine,Broome, New York,United States 
~ 33y 3mResidence1870New York,,,United States 
~ 38y 3mResidence1875Maine,Broome,New York,United States 
53y 2mDeath11 Dec 1889 
after ~ 52y 3mBurial1889Port Dickinson,Broome,New York,United States of America 

Spouses & Children

There are no known spouses or children.

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