1911 England Cencus: George Harold de Peyster Chance (1877)

Title 1911 England Cencus: George Harold de Peyster Chance (1877)
Date 1911
Continued Name Rupert De Peystner Chance
Continued Age in 1911 3
Continued Estimated Birth Year abt 1908
Continued Relation to Head Son
Continued Gender Male
Continued Birth Place Edgbaston, Warwickshire
Continued Civil parish Enville
Continued Search Photos Enville, Staffordshire, England
Continued County/Island Staffordshire
Continued Country England
Continued Street Address Stanford House, Enville, Stourbridge
Continued Registration district Wolverhampton
Continued Registration District Number 369
Continued Sub-registration district Kinver
Continued ED, institution, or vessel 6
Continued Household schedule number 21
Continued Piece 16997
Continued Household Members
Continued Name Age
Continued George Harold De Peyster Chance 34
Continued Mary Maude Chance 35
Continued Myce Chance 9
Continued Brian Kesteren De Peyster Chance 7
Continued William Lawrence Chance 5
Continued Jacob Alan Chance 4
Continued Rupert De Peystner Chance 3
Continued Julia Larter 28
Continued Agnes Rose Davies 28
Continued Lily Violet Davies 27
Continued Sarah Emily Davies 25
Continued Ethel Kent 19
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Time 10:40:39
Date 20 OCT 2017
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