1861 England Census: George Chance (1791)

Title 1861 England Census: George Chance (1791)
Date 1861
Continued Name: William Chance
Continued Age: 18
Continued Estimated birth year: 1843
Continued Relation: Son
Continued Father's name: George Chance
Continued Mother's name: Cordia Chance
Continued Gender: Male
Continued Where born: Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Continued Civil Parish: Edgbaston
Continued County/Island: Warwickshire
Continued Country: England
Continued Street address:
Continued Occupation:
Continued Condition as to marriage:
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Continued Registration district: Kings Norton
Continued Sub-registration district: Edgbaston
Continued ED, institution, or vessel: 13
Continued Neighbors: View others on page
Continued Household schedule number: 196
Continued Piece: 2124
Continued Folio: 47
Continued Page Number: 46
Continued Household Members:
Continued Name Age
Continued George Chance 70
Continued Cordia Chance 55
Continued Sarah Chance 28
Continued Arent Chance 24
Continued William Chance 18
Continued Mary Haden 32
Continued Elizabeth Rooke 14
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