Coat of Arms: William Chance (1749)

Title Coat of Arms: William Chance (1749)
Continued This coat of arms is the only one recorded at the College of Arms in London for the name Chance. Therefore, these are the only arms available to the Chance family originating from England. They were granted in 1845 to William Chance (1749-1828) of Birming
Concatenation ham after his death. There has been many Chances throughout the last 500 years with the name of William and it can get quite confusing. This particular William is commonly referred to as William 1st of Birmingham or William the Merchant. Only direct male
Concatenation descendants of this particular William are entitled to these arms. Simply having the surname Chance does not entitle you to these arms. My research has confirmed that no other arms exist in England. Any others are either foreign or may not be genuine at a
Concatenation ll.
Continued Many believe that a coat of arms belongs to a surname but this is a common misconception. Coats of arms belong to individuals and not to a name. For any person to have a right to arms, they must either have been granted them or be descended in the legitim
Concatenation ate male line of the person to whom the arms were granted in the past. Arms pass equally to all legitimate children, irrespective of the order of their birth. However, arms only pass to female children if no legitimate male survives. Female children are n
Concatenation ot allowed to use the crest either, which is considered to be a solely male attribute.
Continued Other pages in this zone include the Chance family history page and my ancestral line page.
Continued Arms: Gules, a saltire vair between two fleurs-de-lys in pale and as many towers in fess argent.
Continued Crest: Demi-lion rampant gules semee of annulets holding in the paws a sword erect entwined by a wreath of oak all proper.
Continued Motto: Deo non Fortuna (From God not from Chance)
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